Riley’s Market was born out of the extraordinary love I have for my best friend Riley to give him the very best food, supplements and overall nutrition possible. As Riley was growing up, the more I learned about popular commercial pet foods, pet nutrition and the industry as a whole, the more I was dissatisfied with it.

I’d finally had enough when, after numerous “pet food recalls” hit the news, I decided to take complete control of Riley’s nutrition and supplements. I was determined to make every effort to know EXACTLY what he was consuming. At that moment, the idea that would eventually become Riley’s Market was born.

Riley’s Market pledges to supply our customers with only the very best human grade food, treats and human grade supplements for their pets. After all, if a product isn’t good enough for us to eat, then it isn’t good enough for our pets and for Riley’s Market.

Additionally, Riley’s Market gives 5% of all profits to no kill shelters and animal rescues!


Michael Sorrentino
President and CEO of Riley’s Market LLC