Fish Oil For Dogs and Cats – Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil – 16OZ UPC 6000012500

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✅ Human Grade Pharmaceutical Quality.
✅ Great taste! Your pets will love the added flavor!
✅ Sourced in Alaska, bottled in the USA.
✅ For dogs and cats! Molecularly distilled to remove harmful toxins & heavy metals.
✅ Omega 3 & 6 – All the good stuff for a healthy immune system, healthy skin & coat.
✅ Hip, joint and arthritis pain relief.
✅ Convenient pump for easy dosing.
✅ 5% of profits donated to rescues and animal shelters.

Human Grade Pharmaceutical Quality

Riley’s Market Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats helps maintain a healthy immune system by boosting heart health, stronger joints, healthy skin and a thicker coat. It is the optimal nutritional supplement to enhance the overall wellness of your pet.

Certified Sustainably Sources and GMO Free

Sourced from the pristine, cold waters of Alaska and bottled in the USA, Premium Wild Alaskan Oil from Riley’s Market is molecularly distilled to remove heavy toxins and heavy elements and it’s of the highest purity. Simply put, the quality of Riley’s Market Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is unmatched.

$21.99 Limited Time Facebook Promotion Special!
(regular price $24.99)